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Unglued:  Fall Retreat 2021 Registration
Unglued:  Fall Retreat 2021 Registration
Unglued:  Fall Retreat 2021 Registration
Unglued:  Fall Retreat 2021 Registration
Unglued:  Fall Retreat 2021 Registration
Unglued:  Fall Retreat 2021 Registration
Unglued:  Fall Retreat 2021 Registration
Unglued:  Fall Retreat 2021 Registration
Unglued:  Fall Retreat 2021 Registration

Unglued: Fall Retreat 2021 Registration

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Get ready for it…

Campfires and hayrides.
Unlimited pumpkin spice.
Oh my gourd happy hour.
Spicy fall craft workshops.
Your new hot cocktail mug.
All the flannel you can handle.

We are in our buffalo plaid flannels, mom jeans, neck bandanas, and ready to cheers with our pumpkin spice coffees to let it be known that our next Unglued Fall Retreat is Sat, Oct 23, 2021 at Crooked Lane Farm in Colfax, ND.  Registration to spice up your life opens Sept 30 at 8pm CST.  

“It felt like a mini-vacation, which I realized that I really needed. Spending the day only worrying about making and creating while eating really good food and being surrounded by really great people refilled my cup in a way that I didn't expect.” – Past Attendee

What is Unglued: Fall Retreat?  A cozy, crafty, lumberjacky retreat your crunchy leaf loving heart desires in Colfax, ND.  Picture pulling up to your farm life fantasy with big ol’ shiplapped red buildings and twinkly lights surrounded by sprawling farm land and a friggin’ neighboring vineyard, riding a hayride to said neighboring vineyard for a wine tasting, taking a blacksmithing or barn quilt craft workshop for the first time in your life, feasting on a fall desserts after your delightful comfort soup lunch as you coax farm dog Maxine to be your buddy, all while you cheers with a hot cider next to a sparkling campfire as you make a Wondermade s'mores with your new best friend where the lumberjack vibes are going hard AF.

Joanna and Chip Gaines couldn’t even handle this fall dream realized. 

Your $185 Fall Retreat ticket will include:

  • 3 workshop sessions – 3 you sign up for with local makers around October 7 + bonus DIYs.

  • 2 meals + welcome rolls – a pile of Sandy's rolls upon arrival (with pumpkin spice whip), fall soup/salad lunch deliciousness (with pumpkin spice), farm-to-table dinner (with pumpkin spice).  DESSERT(S)...and pumpkin spice.  

  • SNACKS – #hangry isn’t a possibility at these things we do so giddy up for a Midwestern coffee hour and fixin's throughout the day.

  • Hot drink bar – we’ll keep the chill of fall at bay with unlimited refills of coffee and hot cider to keep your hands and heart happy and hot and wholesome.

  • 5 drink tickets for use at our curated Langston cocktail & Drekker beer bar open at select retreat times such as your favorite (Parks & Rec inspired) Happy Hour.

  • Fire by Proof – ready to pair with some fine ass hot cider.

  • Hayrides & campfires.

  • Lumberjack evening trivia time.

  • Your new hot (and cold) cocktail mug.

  • Covid safety details including:  everyone attending will either be fully vaxxed, negative Covid PCR tested within 72 hours prior, or negative rapid tested on site upon arrival.  And masks required indoors at all times except when actively eating & drinking.  Do not sign up if you cannot follow these as your plaid-adorned self will be headed home early if these are not followed.

Half Day Retreat Option ($155/ticket):

  • In this pandemic world we are offering a half day option once more!  This option has you experience Fall Retreat through the afternoon Happy Hour which goes from 3-4:30pm.  You'll enjoy Fall Retreat from 9am through said Happy Hour time and includes:  2 workshop sessions (instead of 3), lunch and breakfast rolls, and then 1 drink ticket instead of 5 (ya know, since you'll be driving home shortly after or during happy hour!) and your fave new hot/ cold cocktail mug + bonus fun through Happy Hour time.

Please note: upon purchasing your fall-fancy Retreat ticket you will be agreeing to our Terms and Conditions (our liability waiver) and our Covid safety details above and below.  

Covid Safety Details:

If you aren't wondering this, please read this anyways because if you sign up for Fall Retreat you are required to follow all of this FUN.  Yes, FUN, because this is how we can still make this magic happen and SPICY while staying SAFE.  These will change as needed per our community's current Covid situation per Unglued's discretion.

All attendees and crew of Fall Retreat will choose 1 of 3 safety options:  will be fully vaccinated, show a negative PCR (ie. non-rapid) Covid test taken within 72 hours prior to Retreat start, or can sign up ahead of time for a rapid test administered upon Retreat arrival that must be negative in order to attend.

You will let us know on your attendee survey sent to you post-registration which safety option you will choose from the above.  Please note:  due to delta, if ANYONE is showing signs of any Covid-like symptoms you will be required to rapid test upon entering the Retreat regardless of vaccination status - or if you become symptomatic during the Retreat to continue on.  We got fancy and can offer this thanks to the ND Lab, Dept of Health and Human Services, and the MN Department of Health, too!

Masking will be REQUIRED in fully indoor spaces except for eating and drinking.  

Public health safety is the reigning queen this year and our biggest priority.  If you cannot follow these guidelines you will be required to leave the Retreat without a refund.  If you are signing someone else up for this event, be sure they are golden with this info, too, so they can get their pumpkin spice on and mask that sh*t up when indoors.

What if I decide I can’t go but I bought a ticket or there’s the storm of the century that weekend?

Your Fall Retreat ticket is fully refundable for just a short time since it’s like basically tomorrow – so it’s refundable until October 6, 2021.  After that it is no longer refundable – even for insane weather – UNLESS IT IS COVID RELATED as we will have had you register for your own shiny workshop sessions and we personalize things because we really like this stuff.  You could transfer your ticket to someone else, though, but they may be stuck with your fantastic workshop schedule and, well, maybe even your nametag.  But also since this is a pandemic, if you need to cancel for Covid-related reasons we will send you a full refund and trust you will not misuse this flexibility for accidentally signing up during your bestie's wedding and realizing it the day before.  In the event that Unglued needs to cancel the Retreat for any reason you will receive a full refund.

Make sure you check out all the rest of the event details HERE on our event info page to Fall Retreat and be awesome as hell.