400 Block Care Club!

400 Block Care Club!

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During this strange, uncertain time, some of our only constants are our friends, families, and neighbors.  We on the 400 Block in Fargo are always grateful to have such fantastic neighbors, but now more than ever, we’re reassured by their friendship and calmed by their shared concerns.

All your favorite spots on the 400 Block stand in solidarity with one another, and we hope you’ll stand with us.

We’re launching the 400 Block Care Club! A club that combines your love for Unglued, Stabo Scandinavian Imports, Boots & Heels (Fargo), and Zandbroz. As a supporter, you’re taking care of us, your community, and yourself.

Three levels of support:
400 Block Friend:
$40 - $10 Gift Card to each shop
400 Block Favorite:
$80 - $20 Gift Card to each shop
400 Block Fanatic:
$160 - $50 Gift Card to each shop

By becoming a member of The 400 Block Care Club, it’s like a pinkie promise that you’ll come celebrate with us once this madness is behind us.

Please call Zandbroz 701.239.4729 to order your Care Club Package and we’ll get it set for curbside pickup or delivery by mail or order here and we'll send it to ya!  (We will refund the $5 shipping fee that is automatically applied within 24 hours, too).

There are no compromises or substitutions for the 400 Block Care Package, but you’re always welcome to support us individually if you prefer!  Please also note these are for in-store use only (we mostly function on paper gift cards between all of us at the moment!).

**Also, an integral part of our block is BernBaum's! We are so grateful for them! Don’t forget to place your to-go orders or place an order for delivery. Their food alone can get us through this!

Order just an Unglued gift certificate HERE!