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About Unglued

Unglued is a modern handmade gift shop that connects you to over 300 local and regional makers with locations in Fargo, ND.  Unglued also hosts crazy awesome events to inspire creativity in kids and adults with things like our epic adult sleepaway summer camp, kids downtown camps, private and public craft parties, and an annual craft fest that has been awarded North Dakota event of the year.  Find out more about our brick and mortar shops here and workshops and private parties here!

 Our Guarantee

We love what we do and handmade!  We fully believe in the products we carry and if an item doesn't meet your expectation we will do whatever we can to correct it.  Because handmade is awesome and not mass produced, please be careful to read the notes in item descriptions for products that may vary from the photos with hand lettering, printing, and other unique features.   

If you have any questions please give us a holla at ungluedcraftfest@gmail.com!